Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Gold Ownership Comes Easy with Gold Bullion

Purchasing gold bullion today is cheaper and easier than ever before; Gold bullion is unmistakably perhaps the easiest way to own gold.

The bullion form of gold derives its name primarily from its precious metal content. Its two main forms being Bullion bars and Bullion coins.

Despite being entirely absent of artistic content (in contrast to collectibles and jewellery) the gold bullion enjoys high value. This is fundamentally due to the monetary role that gold plays throughout the world.        

                                                         Coinage in Gold   

Bullion Coins in gold, trade close to the world gold price. An investor ends up paying a premium of 4 % for a bulk purchase and an approximate 8 % on smaller amounts of gold bullion coins. Similarly, when an investor goes back to sell his gold coins in the open market, he should be ready to offer a 4-8 % discount on his bullion coin sale.   
                                                                 Bullion in Gold
Gold bullion bars come in many sizes. If purchased from private suppliers for private ownership the investor has to pay dealing costs, quite like those paid for coins.

Weighing a few grams upwards to a kg and more like a 100 oz/3kg (Zurich and New York) gold bullion bars are up on sale though under strict international controls to ensure bullions assay quality. 
London is a premier physical bullion market place, with a premium on all the gold bars on sale here.

Famous as the London Good Delivery Gold Bar, these are the ones that are international accepted bullion gold purchases. Weighing 400 troy ounces-12.4 Kg, 11” long, this bullion bar carries the manufacturers name on top along with its weight and purity markings. Stored in vaults these British bars are commodity gold. The bars are often seen to have scratched faces and blunted corners and edges because of the soft bullion texture. They are often dented because of the storage stacking, in vaults.

Jindal Bullion Ltd, one of the premier bullion buying houses from India; retailers and wholesalers of gold and silver bullion are prime buyers of gold bullion from London.

Gold an Asset Class: 

Gold cannot be viewed as a productive asset like equities, real estate, timber, or oil and gas interest; instead it is to be looked at as an alternative form of saving or currency: a protective asset. An asset whose purchasing power keeps pace with a nation's actually encountered general price levels over long periods of time.

Between 1900-1971 gold's return has moved from 2 % per annum to 12.4 %.

This is the reason why gold is not defined as a capital asset, instead it is explained to all as store of value asset; it is primarily dependent on supply / demand factors and what someone is willing to pay for it. Other store of value assets include watches, jewellery, fine wine, fine art, stamps, rare coins and classic auto mobiles.

Gold may be viewed as a portfolio-diversifying asset also

It is important for investors to remain mindful of the 'central' purposes of holding gold:

(i) To preserve purchasing power over long periods of time

(ii) To preserve investment sanity during periods of considerable asset market tumult an and disorder; and not to be minimized

(iii) To sell some meaningful position of the gold holdings in order to reinvest the proceeds into superior, wealth-producing assets selling at what may likely be rarely encountered attractive prices and valuations.

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