Thursday, 25 August 2016

Jindal Bullion - Prominent Dealer of Gold

Jindal Bullion Limited  is one of the leading retail and wholesale trading company in India for bullion investments and silver and gold. Jindal Bullion: a name that spells credibility carries a vision to cater the customer’s in every possible way. The  online portal of the company offer both retail and wholesale investors, the comfort and opportunities of placing orders from home, at an initial 5% deposit, to be followed by the complete pay off within the decided duration of time according to the norms set by the company.
This facility empowers the customer to book the live price for the particular day he is buying gold. Within the decided duration of time, as per company norms, even if the prices increase, the customer is only supposed to pay the price for the day on which he booked, even if the price is low.

JBL - Gold Dealer
Jindal Bullion Limited
The Jindal Bullion live flash, live price board reflects their whole sale and retail precious metal price 24x 7. 
Jindal Bullion provides all its products at wholesale rates to every customer regardless of the quantity. You can buy coins, bars or bullion in your desired or required quantity. The bulk purchase is initiated through customer registration, submission of the KYC and vat and sales tax details. The company also gives the customer storage and protection facility prior to his picking up the wholesale purchase of precious metal. JBL offers Vault facility to the retail customers as well as investors for their bulk purchasing. Gold Investments made with Jindal Bullion enhance investor portfolios in terms of credibility and re sale power.

Purchasing from Mints

One has to be an authorized purchaser to exercise direct purchase potential. Direct Purchase facility for any company calls for severe professional and financial norms. Since investor's can't buy precious metal straight from the mints, companies like JBL can become the important mediator in this investment acquisition.

Paying for Bulk Purchases

When purchasing an item in bulk, Jindal Bullion gives you the facility of payment online through the e wallet , credit/debit card, paper cheque and bank wires. Items costing less that 2 lac can be paid in cash, an amount above Rs 2 lac can also be paid in cash provided a KYC is furnished along with pan card and other details.

JBL also offer the facility of E-Wallet transfer to our entire customers as well as investors’ i.e. if you want to transfer your cash or metal that you keep in our vault.

In other words if you want to buy gold/silver directly from the site, the first step is to put money in your E-Wallet to start the transaction process. If your another family member or someone else is also registered on the same and wants to buy gold or silver but facing some problems related to money (low money) then you have the option to transfer your money to your friends E-Wallet account and facilitates their buying needs.

Jindal Bullion provides best discounts and flexible payment options. If you want to discuss more options regarding your bulk order, you can contact the company at their toll-free number 1800 3070 0621

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