Saturday, 19 March 2016

Collecting Gold Coins: Make It A Hobby!

Before technology hijacked childhood, hobbies were more personal - such as collecting variety of perfumed erasers, colourful pencils or pens, stamps and old coins. The coin and stamp collectors would feel more endowed for the economic value of their assets. As we grew up; amidst the consistent seeping of ‘savings’ as a way of life by our parents; the stamps & the coins became much like the school slam book - something you come across, have a spurt of nostalgia, and then move on again.

Gold Coins
Gold Coins

But the one thing that has stayed through those years is the quest for collecting something of value and converting that to savings or investment. And today, Gold Coins are a formidable entity to have. Gold coins have been in trade since 2700 years ago … starting in Lydia in the 640 BC. Given the rarity of the metal, it was never a common coin system but through the years inculcated its reputation into a maintaining national worth in terms of reserves of Gold. And purchasing Gold Coins has continued to be an unsatisfied quest.

While Internet is booming with offers to Buy Gold Coins online through easy payment gateways, you need to be careful on where to deal and with whom to deal:

  1. Check the background of the service provider. Are they fly by night or with a robust set up and experience.
  1. Where do they source Gold from? In case they refine their own Gold, nothing like it.
  1. What are the third party quality certifications they offer?
  1. How open are they to buying the Gold Coins purchased through them and at what rates? Do they levy deductions on purchase of Gold Coin?
  1. What is the time period they offer you to make payments from the time of booking Gold Coins? Is that lag period chargeable?
  1. What will be the applicable rate on Gold - the one you booked on, or the rate of the day you make full payment on?
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