Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Know The Types of Gold Bar and Online Investment

Investing your money regularly is a wise way of conserving your wealth and preparing for unstable economic times. Historically, one of the most steady investment avenues has been valuable metals, and more specifically, gold.

People have been investing in metals  and  exchanging  precious jewellery  for thousands of years. Precious metal investment is  different from other investments such as stocks, which have appreciated for  short intervals of  time and whose volatility is generally much greater than that of gold & other precious metals. Ever since gold has been a traditional form of investment, it has been offered in many forms. One of gold’s most common structures is bullion.

Types of Gold Bars 

It is always better to know the types available before you buy gold bars as there are abundant options in the market.  There are a wide variety of gold bars manufactured all across the globe. Some of the reputed ones are the ones from the refineries of Australia, South Africa and Europe. Large refineries approximately produce one lac fifty bars every year, whereas smaller ones in the  Middle East, Singapore and India  produce,  an approximate, two lac year.

Denominations To Buy Gold Bars

The largest benefit of gold as an investment is that you can Buy Gold Online in any currency depending upon the amount you are willing to spend. Gold bars are available in various denominations such as  1 kilogram, 500 grams, 50 grams, 10 grams and 1 gram. The thinner gold bars are often  referred to  as gold wafers or gold biscuits.

Gold Bars - Poured and Pressed

Pouring was the original way to make bars. Molten gold is poured into moulds, and then allowed to cool. They are then imprinted with the weight, purity, assay mark, and refiner.

Pressed bars are made from solid gold bar stock; cut at the precise point to produce consistent bars of  exact weight. 

Buy Gold Bar Online and then feed into a giant press, much like a coining press, where the weight, purity, assay mark and refiner are struck by dies onto the bar. Pressed bars are much faster to create than poured bars. This makes pressing the preferred method of making smaller bars (those under 1 kilo), though smaller poured bars can also be found. A gold round, or medallion, as it is sometimes called, is basically just a round bar, pressed with a design.

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