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Why To Secure Your Investments with Gold Bars - An Investment Paradise

Low Premium, a colossal resale value and safe haven qualities of gold help qualify it as one of the best sources of investments. If an investor owns gold assets and wishes to do away with them, he will inevitably come across a wealth of options.

Gold Bullion Investment

Investing in gold, on the other hand can prove to be a great investment option for a secure future. Gold ranks amongst one of the few precious metals those open doors to some of the greatest investment avenues. 

However, the metal has also witnessed its share of uncontrolled investments in the industry. There are several occasions when the gold industry has been found paving ways towards unaccountable investments; thus broadening the horizon of ‘black markets’. Significant steps have been taken by the Indian gold industry against occurrences of this nature by formulating new laws and curbing proliferation of fraudulent activities. 

The Present Status 

Indian Taxation Law demands that individuals present their PAN or permanent account number, whenever they make a purchase of 200,000 Rupees or more; this purchase amount includes the purchase of Gold Bullion too. Gold jewellery and items continue to be opportune investment sources even today; not to forget the various other ways of investing in gold. 

Breezing Through Investment Options

One of the most common and popular manners of gold investments is buying physical gold.  While choosing to invest in physical gold, Gold Bars prove to be the best option. This being so due to their availability in diverse forms, which makes them a great investments start. Diverse sized gold bars ensure that one finds the most appropriate choice, according to budgetary limits. While planning for investments in gold bars, one comes across the following options: 

  •  A 1 ton gold bar weighing almost 1000 kilograms. 
  • Other than that, gold bars are also available in weights of 400 ounce, equal to 12.4 kilograms. This gold bar weight is available only with professional dealers or Central Banks.
  • Apart from the options mentioned above, you can also invest in the gold bars weighing kilograms. 
  • Lesser requirements, call for judicious purchases of gold bars weighing 100 grams; these gold bars are available at the lowest premiums compared to all other types. 
  • If an individual investor, then gold bars measuring 50, 20, and 10 grams will prove to be the ideal option.

Why Invest in Gold Bars?

Informed & aware as the investor is about the various forms of gold bar investment let us now discuss the prime benefits of making these investments.

Some of the incredible benefits are as follows:
  1. Easily Saleable: It is quite easy to trade with gold bars. You will not have to face too many hassles and can easily purchase and sell these bars. 

  2. Low Premiums: Another biggest advantage of investing in gold bars is the opportunity of paying low premiums compared to gold coins. 

  3. Lesser Risks: Gold Bars happen to be the best form of physical gold, with no accompanying counter-party risks. Irrespective of market forces interplay one retains the ownership of the bars. 

Where To Buying? 

A few years ago, there was a need for associating with registered sellers for purchasing bullion gold. However, with the availability of several authentic online platforms, investors now have the perfect opportunity for online trading in gold bars. Additionally, these platforms ensure that you get the most competitive prices, while investing and trading in gold. All the products offered by them carry certifications, and a highly secure trading and transaction procedure. 

Investors looking for secure gold investments at best price & quality can turn to online platforms. They will prove to be the best partners for bullion buying and selling. 

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