Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Gold & Silver Buying Goes Through the Roof!!

The market volatility triggered by the Brexit vote is very palpable. The turbulence has shaken everyone and the investors in physical Gold and Silver have been running in hoards to the safe-haven metal primarily Gold and Silver.

Although just a couple of months back the prices of both Gold and Silver had crashed given the high values of US dollars, Brexit has totally recharged the physical Gold and Silver buying market and the upsurge in the prices for Gold and Silver is phenomenal to say the least. In May, both gold and silver prices had fallen down by 7.0% and 10.1% respectively. Now, suddenly, they have recorded the highest monthly averages in well over a year!!

Brexit - 2016
May had definitely seen a gold-and-silver-seizing trend. The gold-and-silver-seizing touched the highest levels and rose more than 35% as compared to the previous 12-month average.
In the same time period, there was decline in the number of investors who wanted to sell their Gold and Silver. The numbers in May fell by up to 15% as compared to the previous year’s average.

Because of this surge in buying and a decline in selling, the Gold Investor Index jumped up to 55.8 in May 2016!!
The Silver Investor Index also rose sharply to reach 56.1 in May 2016.
Now Brexit has force the market into frenzy and thus the demand remains firm amongst Bullion investors to invest in the safe haven metals which are Gold and Silver.

The factors that are fuelling the strong growth in the demand for physical Gold and Silver are:

   1.    The fear of the outcome of Brexit

   2.    Weak US employment figures

Now after the vote has been casted and Britain has voted to go out of the EU, we need to wait and see what tendency would the Bullion market adopt from today. There are also rumours that EU is trying to woo Britain back and also rumours about countries like Scotland wanting to break away from Great Britain. All we can say at this point is that sit tight on your physical Gold and Silver stocks and observe the trend before deciding to either buy or sell any of it.

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