Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Login and Win Contest

Jindal Bullion dealt a trump card that includes a new Silver Coin Giveaway Contest in which a user stands a chance to win 10g Silver Coin twice a day just by logging in. Jindal Bullion is one of the leading names in precious metals. We have already connected to many leading jewelry houses and other bigwigs of the trade and now we want to reach out to the common people and make them winners too!! 

Login and Win Contest
Jindal Bullion Limited
Our whole idea behind running this contest is to raise awareness amongst the people regarding better investment choices. Our contest runs in two time slots the first slot is 10:30am to 4:31pm and the second slot is 4:31pm to 11:01pm. Our first winner is announced at 4:31pm and the second winner at night 11:01pm. You can also convert your coin into cash which we can deposit in your e-wallet and which you can withdraw as per your convenience. 

Jindal Bullion is well aware of its social responsibilities and hence will continue to endeavor in the area of raising awareness amongst everyone about wise investment decisions even in the future by launching other exciting schemes!! So log in now and continue logging in going forward to stay ahead of the investment market and to be able to make smart investment decisions and build a prosperous future for yourself and your family!!

One added and absolutely wonderful feature on our website is that you can even subscribe to our newsletter which will make sure that even if you do not have an access to internet at all times, you still will have access to all the relevant information to help you stay on top!!

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